Download Client

Tracking Apex games requires the new OverTrack Client (tracks Apex Legends and Overwatch).


This application captures your game's screen, and uses Computer Vision to record game data.
At no point does the client inject into, modify, or directly interact with games.

  • Make sure you are tabbed-in to the game for the "Your Squad" screen
  • For all stats to track, stay at least a second on each of the postgame screens.
    Specifically the "Squad Eliminated" / "Champions of the Arena" and "Match Summary" screens.
  • Because the client is new, the OverTrack installer may be blocked by Smart Screen.
    If you see "Windows protected your PC" click "More info" then "Run anyway"
  • On first launch, the client may take a while to download additional requirements (Computer Vision is complex).
    Once it has done its first install, future updates will be able to reuse most of the requirements and will be much faster.